Push Monster - Double Pressure Silicone Cockring

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The Double Pressure Silicone Cock Ring exists in two sizes to give you the most stimulation for your erection, as it also lightly presses around the urethra for maximul pleasure during the orgasm.

Cock Rings are incredible to support your manhood and provide you with rock hard erections: as it tightens around your cock, balls or both, your blood flow will be controlled and the blood will stay right where you need it.

Made with incredible soft silicone, the safe material is completely devoid of phtalates or nocive chemicals. Silicone is one of the safest materials out there, as you can clean it easily or boil it to be completely desinfected.

The Double Pressure Silicone Cock Ring is available in two sizes for the inner diameter: 40 and 45 mm (1.57 and 1.77").

To calculate the size of your cock ring: take a tape measure around your hard cock and divide the result by pi (3,14, for those of you who didn't listen at school). Take the closest ring size as the result, bearing in mind silicone is still stretchy enough to fit comfortably, but metal isn't.

Place the Double Pressure Cock Ring more easily on your flaccid cock to trap the blood there and start getting aroused. Your boner will be incredible, thanks to the cock ring.

Product details:
✓ cockring made of silicone
✓ two pressure point stimulators
✓ durable
✓ compatible with water-based lubricants
✓ easy cleaning
✓ phthalate-free

Thickness: approx. 0.4" (1 cm)
Diameter Balls: approx. 0.8" (2 cm)
Weight: approx. 0.71 oz (20 g)
Material: silicone
Color: black


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