Satisfyer Men Extra Sleeve - Chambers Of Pleasure

by Satisfyer

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Extra insert sleeve for the Satisfyer Men - The masturbator "Satisfyer Men" must be purchased separately!

The new sleeve Chambers of Pleasure for the Satisfyer Men masturbator has an incredible tunnel full of flexible walls that will continuously stimulate your tip and shaft as you go through and come out. Your sensitive parts will love it and entice you to go deeper every time.

As you go through, you can also inflate the side cushions in order to create a tighter tunnel for your shaft, if you like it that way. The screwable top also allows for more or less air to be filtered through the opening, creating a vacuum of sucking-goodness!

This article is an optional accessory. You need the Satisfyer Men to use it.

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Material: Cyberskin Silicone


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